1. You may enter up to three (3) carvings in each category. Three (3) in Natural & three (3) in Painted. The competition Fee includes up to 21 carvings. Each additional carving $3.00 ea.
  2. All entries must be 100% the work of the entering artist. Including painting or burning.
  3. No special lighting or display apparatus for entries is allowed without show referee permission.
  4. Entries must have been carved WITHIN THE LAST 2 YRS.
  5. ENTRIES ARE TO BE MADE OF WOOD. Other materials may be used for habitat, structural purposes, settings, and trim; however, they are to be hand formed by the woodcarver with the exception of glass eyes and molded feet. The habitat and setting are to be of minor composition and not a focal point of the entry.
  6. The decision for the correct placement of carvings, in their proper category, is the responsibility of the artist. A referee, at their discretion, may move carvings without consulting the carver. If the artist has any questions prior to the placement, the show referee should be consulted.
  7. CONFIRMATION & CHECK-IN FORM must be used for all carvings in the show competition.
  8. Entries must have an assigned Carver & Item # displayed on each carving & visible names covered on each carving.
  9. Carvings having won first place in previous Charlotte shows are ineligible for competition.
  10. All registrations for competition and vendor set-up must be completed by 8:30 AM, Saturday, April 27, 2024. No entries will be accepted after 8:30 AM, Saturday, April 27, 2024.
  11. Charlotte Woodcarvers Club reserves the right to refuse any entry that, in their opinion, is not in good taste.
  12. Entries are submitted at the discretion and sole risk of the owner. Normal precautions will be taken to provide for security and safety, however, sponsors will! not be financially responsible for loss or damage resulting from any cause.
  13. Carvings will be returned to the artist on Sunday, April 28, 2024, after 4:00 PM. CARVINGS ARE NOT TO BE REMOVED PRIOR TO THIS TIME. All carvings must be removed by 5:00 PM Sunday, April 28, 2024, after the show is over. Please take your winning ribbons home with you.
  14. Mailed or Shipped entries will not be accepted.
  15. The show committee has the right to add, divide, or delete categories as deemed necessary.
  16. The decision(s) of the Judges and Referees are final.