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President's Message

I would like to start out with some good news that we have successfully navigated having two woodcarving meetings at the Carmel Presbyterian Church on Tuesday from 3PM-7PM. Both meetings we have had 14 people show up to carve outdoors with us. Join us next time. Last week we had the library and wood closet open for business.
We have made our yearly donation to the church. The board donated $1000 to the church. Cameral Presbyterian Church has been so generous to our club with the space they allow us to use week after week. They received our gift and Thanked us for our donation.

President's Message

I hope everyone is healthy and has been creating some woodcarvings to show us when we finally get to return.
Our first event has been cancelled at Matthew’s Farmers Market on May 16th from 8AM to 12PM. This event will be repeated on October 10 from 8AM-12PM latter in the year. Hopefully by October we will be able to participate in this event. We will keep you updated.
We have decided to cancel the July picnic because of the COVID-19 virus and not knowing what is going to happen in these next few months as our state is opening up. We know big gatherings will be the last type of events to be safe to open so that is why we are cancelling the picnic. We will just have to make the Christmas Holiday Party extra special this year. We hope everything in the world will have calmed down by then so we can look forward to spending a nice evening enjoying dinner together at that time.
We plan on opening up carving at the end of May at the church location by holding the club outside with proper social distancing and wearing masks. Bring your own lawn chair and come and enjoy the company of your carving friends from 3PM-7PM on Tuesdays. The Woodcraft location still will not be open to hold our meetings because we do not see a way to practice proper social distancing at that location.

Marcy Chirdon

President’s Message

What a crazy world we are living in at the moment. I hope all of you are staying safe and sheltering in place. Thank goodness we have a great hobby to keep all of us occupied and home during this COVID-19 health emergency. When we are able to meet together again I hope everyone will have some great carvings to share with all of us.
We have a few items and events to look forward to in the future that I would like to share with you. Our first event that is still scheduled to take place is the Matthew’s Farmers Market on May 16th from 8AM to 12PM. Please bring a lawn chair and come to share and promote woodcarving to the public. Enjoy the fellowship with your fellow club members after being isolated for so long. This event will be repeated on October 10 from 8AM-12PM latter in the year. Thanks to Bill Robinson for being in charge of these two outreach events at the Matthew’s Farmers Market.


I hope you all had a safe and happy new year. The year 2020 promises to be a busy and exciting time for the Club. We have about 7 weeks left before our Show begins. Our Show Chairperson, Lisa Stafford-Murphy, is very busy putting the finishing touches on all the activities that are necessary in order to make our Show successful. Lisa cannot do this alone and she needs all of us to step-up and volunteer. Please, if at all possible, plan to participate and help in making this the biggest and finest carving show in the southeast.

The month of December did not allow for many carving sessions considering the Holiday Party, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. I hope those that are still working on carving pieces have had some extra time to complete them. As I have mentioned in the past, don’t wait until the last minute to put the finishing touches on your carvings. It can be stressful frantically working on your carvings the day/night before the judging begins.


As the Holiday Season approaches I hope we all can take time to visit with family, friends and neighbors. Please remember the men and women who protect this great country. We are the home of the free because of the brave. Finally, remember the reason for the season. Let’s all be kind and tolerant towards others.
We have had some very interesting programs presented at the club such as Rod Gatlins’ carved faces, Neil McGuires’ chip carving, Bill Dominics’ painting and Bubba Mullis’ alcohol ink finishing technique. Many thanks to Marcy Chirdon for coordinating the programs. I know she has several more lined up for next year. If you have any ideas for programs you would like to see please contact Marcy through the club website.

Congratulations David Boone

Congratulations David Boone, Best of Show winner in the 2020 Showcase of Woodcarvers, Charlotte, NC. Bill Johnson Eagle

Congratulations Vic Hood

Congratulations Vic Hood for carving Best of Show Runner Up in the 2020 Showcase of Woodcarvings, Charlotte, NC.

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