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Now that the 2018 Showcase is over we can pat ourselves on our backs for a very successful show. Thank you to Bob Benston for being our 2018 Show Chairman and for a very successful show. We also thank all club members for their outstanding support of the club and to our Showcase.
We continued to rent out all show tables this year as we started this last year. This again was a big relief on Sunday as we closed down the show and was able to get home in time for Sunday supper.
Attendance for the show was around 2000 this year. We had 127 registered carvers with a total of 690 carvings for competition. In the Novice Division there were 21 carvers and 103 carvings. In the Intermediate Division there were 49 carvers and 304 carvings. In the Open Division there were 57 carvers and 283 carvings. We were also represented by 12 states and 21 different carving clubs.
Bubba Mullis took on the JC Campbell raffle again this year and collected $1025 for this year’s sales. We congratulate Diane Bagwell as the winner for a week long class at the John C. Campbell School. Thank you Bubba for another successful year towards the JC Campbell raffle sales.
This year the club had 107 items in the raffle. We were actually running out of space to display all items that were donated. Thanks to all those that contributed to our raffle as we collected $2995 in our table raffle sales. This brings our total raffle and silent auction sales to $4020.
Thanks to all the carving clubs and individual carvers for their support to our 2018 Showcase of Woodcarvings.
We would also like to recognize the seven (7) CCA members who attended our show this year; Mitch Cartledge, Dennis Thornton, Ron Dowdy, Tom Wolf, Desiree Hajny, Steve Brown and Jim Hiser. It’s an honor to have this many CCA members attend our show and we welcome all of you back to our 2019 Showcase of Woodcarvings.

Thank you “Charlotte Woodcarvers Club” for all your support to the club and the support for all woodcarving clubs in the surrounding area. We thank Carmel Presbyterian Church and Matthews Woodcraft Store for a place to demonstrate the art of woodcarving. We also thank Charlotte Parks and Recreation for their support for our Showcase of Woodcarvings.

As our 2017 showcase is just over a month away it’s time to think about finishing your carvings and putting on that special finish. If you have not thought about entering your carving or carvings in the show, please do so and enjoy seeing your carvings alongside many others. It’s really breath taken to see your carvings in competition with others. This is also the best time to support the club with your registration and you never know, there just might be a ribbon for that carving you just finished.

2017 was a fantastic year for our club in supporting not only our club but other clubs in demonstrating the art of woodcarving. You can read about the accomplishments last year in the article 2017 Year in Review.
As we prepare ourselves for another new year, let us remember those members that left us for another carving world. We will miss our carving friends and will remember them as they were a part of our fellowship and achievements.

Happy Carving…
The first knife cut of your project is a journey you will cherish

Our 2018 Showcase is this coming weekend, February 16, 17 & 18. I am looking forward to meeting all the competing carvers, vendors and visitors for a fun filled weekend of competition and showing off our carvings to the public. All local CWC club members should be registered by Friday, February 16, 2018. This is to insure that club members will be available for Friday afternoon and Saturday morning check in as runners for those signing in for competition. Club elections were held for our 2018 Officers and Board Members with the following results.
Club Officers:
Al Wheeler - President
Tom Kavanagh - Vice President
David Offill - Secretary
Henry Higginbotham- Treasure

Club Board Members:
Neil Zyp
Bubba Mullis
Marcy Chirdon

Rotating off the Club Board is Jim Horn and I thank him for his service to the club. I would also like to thank outgoing Vice President-Joe Davis and Secretary-Claudia Wallace for their commitment as club officers. With the new officers and Board Member starting their positions in April 2018 we will be able to continue our club and its purpose to serve others.
As in the past we have asked for your input for future carving classes and seminars….
Again I ask all members that if there are any seminars for our club meetings or carving classes that you would like to see the club pursue or if you have a particular instructor or instructors you would like to see teach a particular subject you would like to learn about, please get in touch with our new President, Al Wheeler for your suggestions.
Your input is important to the club program.


Charlotte Woodcarvers Club had another successful year with members contributing their time, talent and efforts on a variety of activities throughout the year to promote the art of woodcarving. Thanks to each of you who have contributed so much.

Merry Christmas Everyone

Another year has allowed our club to come together for fellowship and fun at our annual Christmas Social.
Thanks everyone for making Charlotte Woodcarvers Club a successful, enjoyable and fun filled club.
We had great participation at this year’s Christmas Social with 73 in attendance and the covered dishes were out of this world. Once again the club provided the fried chicken and desert and everyone brought a covered dish to share with others.

Merry Christmas Everyone and thanks for a great year of carving and fellowship.

Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen with this piece of wood

Congratulations David Boone

Congratulations David Boone, Best of Show winner in the 2020 Showcase of Woodcarvers, Charlotte, NC. Bill Johnson Eagle

Congratulations Vic Hood

Congratulations Vic Hood for carving Best of Show Runner Up in the 2020 Showcase of Woodcarvings, Charlotte, NC.

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