My Fellow Carvers

As you know, the mission of the Charlotte Woodcarvers is to promote the art of woodcarving. We are obligated to the younger generations to promote our art and encourage them to join our community.
With this in mind, we've chosen several activities to participate in over the next few months. This month's focus of this newsletter is volunteering. I want all of you to volunteer your time and skills and step up!
The first event that comes to mind is Matthew's Alive. Last year, this event funded the club with $800.00 and gave us, as carvers, an opportunity to spread the art and joy of woodcarving to non-carvers. We sit in an air-conditioned room and do what we like best, CARVE. And talk, lots of chances to talk. We need approximately six (6) volunteers per day to pull this event off. The event dates are August 31st through September 2nd.

How do you participate? Sign up with Mary Rutherford. I urge everyone to do their part.
If this event is inconvenient for your schedule, please sign up for a different event. Our organization has so much talent that it's a shame to keep it locked away. It doesn't matter if you are a reasonably new carver; you still have much knowledge you can share.
Let's fill out the volunteer sheet for all the upcoming events. We can have lots of fun doing this while also trying to get other individuals interested and involved in our great hobby.
As a side note, the annual Woodcarving Club picnic is on July 30th from 5 pm til 9 pm. Everyone is invited, but I would be grateful if you could RSVP me. This is for our order of chicken. Please bring a covered dish to share.

Until next month,
thanks for your support,
Jerry Clark, President,
Charlotte Woodcarvers Club