Hello Carvers

I want to thank everyone for all their help and support during the last two years. I have been honored to be the president of the Charlotte Woodcarvers Club. I know you will do the same for our new president, Jerry Clark.
Jerry has already been a great asset to the club and is responsible for saving our 2024 Showcase this April when the Table and Chair supplier refused to honor his contractual commitment to set up our Show 72 hours before it started. I also want to thank all those like Keith Jones and everyone who showed up at the Gym on Thursday afternoon to assist in the Show setup with the new supplier. We were ready to go on Friday morning because of them. And to everyone who supported me during the weekend when I could not be there or do it myself, Thank you all.
It is impossible to evaluate the Showcase so soon after the event. It will take an entire month to analyze the results. However, we already know that the raffle table was successful and set a record for collected money: great job, Steve Stillitano and team.

Betty Negus and the Welcome table did a great job signing new members, selling club apparel, and counting attendance.
Rod Gatlin and his judges and referees had the judging done early, and the judging recording team of Jim Horn and Don Reirson worked very well.
Neil Zyp and Rocky Paiano ran five (5) great seminars, and Bill Robinson’s food truck was a success.
Mitch Cartilage was in charge of the carving competition on Saturday and Sunday. Thanks, Mitch, for taking on this part of the show.
The Vendors I talked to were pleased with sales and were happy.
Behind the scenes, all registration phases went smoothly, thanks to Neil McGuire, Rich DiFranco, and all runners.

Overall, we all hit a Home Run. Congratulations again, Keith Jones.
Our club’s fiscal year runs from June 1 to May 31, so this is the last newsletter of the current year. This is also my last newsletter. I am usually late, as I am this time, so this is good news for Neil.
This year, our members attended more shows given by other clubs, which is essential if we want them to attend our Showcase. We had to double our dues, the church raised our rent to $3,000.
We supported two community events at Matthews and Waxhaw, carved at the Farmers Market, gave out nearly 1000 owls to children along the way, and held two (2) social events again for our members.
We increased our training classes and lowered the cost of attending many of them. If you looked carefully at the quality of carvings submitted at the Showcase this year by our members and the number of ribbons we won, the classes have been a big success.
Finally, to give more carvers who cannot carve on Tuesday a chance to join the fun, we have added more carving opportunities on the last Saturday morning of the month at the church and every Friday morning from 9 a.m. to 12 noon at the Bazemore Senior Activity Centre in Monroe. We have also added a Saturday carve time at the Cathcart center on the last Saturday of the month.

Thanks again!
Bob Gerbe,
President, Charlotte Woodcarvers Club