Hello Carvers

santabyRodWhat a busy month October was. But let’s start out this newsletter with a November announcement.
This weekend, November 4 & 5, Jerry Clark will host Rod Gatlin for two one-day carving classes. On Saturday Rod will teach a butt-head class and on Sunday he will teach a Santa class, obviously just right for Christmas time. Rod will supply the wood and the cost for each class is $50. The time each day is 9 am-5 pm and the location is 3511 Thunder Road, Maiden, NC. Samples of the carvings and a picture of the location are included in this newsletter. Contact Bob Gerbe at 516-317-7193 and I will reserve your seat for one or both classes.

Back to October, what a month of activity, participation, and successful competition for our club and so many of our members. Some students have completed their sandpiper carving, and some are still moving toward completion, but none have quit. We continue to work and get help from our two great instructors, Butch Elder, and Lee Servatius, who deserve overtime and our thanks.

Then Bill Robinson led a group to Matthews Farmers Market on October 7 to promote our club and Showcase. Rocky Paiano brought the donuts because I was in NY. I can’t give credit to the others but I can thank them all and appreciate their efforts. Thanks everyone.

butt headsThen on October 14 &15 Rich DiFranco and his team did the same job at the Waxhaw Autumn Festival in downtown Waxhaw. On Saturday, Rich, Rocky, Mark Cable, Don Reirson, Cristy Al Gaskill, and myself were on hand, and on Sunday Rich and I were joined by Steve Stillitano and Bill Robinson for the day. Again, Thanks to all of you.

Now for the competition. We have talked all year that if we want other clubs to support our Showcase, we must attend their shows. Well, we made a showing:

  • Rocky, Jerry Clark, Bruce Swanson and I attended Mt. Tradition in Virginia where Jerry Clark cleaned house in the Novice division.
  • On October 14 & 15 Jerry, Wahoo McDaniel, and Blake Lunsford went to the Smokey Mountain Show in Tennessee. Jerry was the star again.
  • Then on October 21 at the Catawba Valley Show at the Klingspor Extravaganza. Members seen in Hickory included: Joe Davis, Rich DiFranco, Bruce Swanson, Al & Cristy Gaskill, Fred Kleiboer, Mitch Cartledge, Ron Dowdy, Lynn & Pat Patrick, Michele Parsons, Blake Lunsford, Dwayne Gosnell, and Bob Gerbe. For the 3rd time in a row, Jerry was King of the Novice division and in the Open division, Joe Davis had an unbelievable day! 15 carvings and all 15 won a ribbon.


That’s all Folks
Happy Thanksgiving
Bob Gerbe, Pres. CWC