Hello Carvers
With just 2 weeks to go before our 40th Annual “SHOWCASE OF WOODCARVINGS,” things are really coming together and getting exciting.
Checking with all the Show Committee captains shows that the organization put together by our co-chairmen, Lisa Murphy-Stafford, and Keith Jones is paying huge dividends. My hope is that this team of people will stay together for the 2024 Showcase. They will only get better.
To bring this all together, the annual Pizza Night meeting will take place at 5:30 pm on Tuesday, April 11, 2023. Bill Robinson will be handling the pizza order, all volunteers are invited so let Bill know if you are attending. Explanations will be given about the jobs you have volunteered for and will help the Showcase run as planned.

For the last time, we request that you carve something for the First Responder Show Theme. Bob Warner and Neil McGuire have put together an awesome banner for the Peter Ortel table. We hope that you will all stop at your local firehouse, police department, ambulance houses, etc. with promotion cards in the next 2 weeks to encourage their attendance.
Thanks to Keith we will be able to promote the 2024 Showcase dates during this year's Showcase. The dates for next year are April 26,27,& 28, 2024.
Thanks to Rod Gatlin, Rocky Paiano, and Jim Horn, next year's Show Theme is, “Birds of a feather flock together”.
And thanks to Rich DiFranco and Neil McGuire our first magazine advertisement has been published in the April edition of the Union Power Carolina Country magazine.
Finally, the Vendors are highlighted on the last few pages of the Newsletter to help you plan your time at this Showcase.
Steve Stillitano predicts a banner Raffle and Silent Auction but still requests some donations of finished carvings to attract the non-carvers from the public who attend our Showcase. Remember the Raffle is so important to the success of our Showcase.
As a reminder, if you haven’t already, please preregister for the show and number your carvings with your carver number before check-in.
Finally, Chris Wilson will be a featured carver this year Chris will be doing 2 seminars for us at the Showcase and has been a professional carver for over 40. He will be demonstrating his techniques with power carving tools during the Show and has been promoting our Showcase at his appearances this spring including his contacts with the Charlotte Arts community.
To wrap up this month, the Club elections were held at our last Tuesday meeting and all the current officers and board members were re-elected.
Enjoy the Showcase
Bob Gerbe, President
Charlotte Woodcarvers Club