Hello Carvers

Let’s start this month’s newsletter with some items that will take action, pretty soon.

Rod Gatlin announced the dates for this year’s Wild Acres event, Aug 14-20. As always there will be 2 classes, but the instructors have not been picked yet. However, due to a conflict, Mitch Cartledge will not be available this year. As soon as the instructors are confirmed (soon) Rod will announce instructors and pricing and begin taking signups. Rod will give those taking both classes a 2-week head start before taking 1 class reservation. STAY ALERT. Club members will have until March 1st before reservations open to others.

It has been some time since the club has had a 2-day instruction class in our facility for more than just new members. I have asked Rod to do a caricature class in February and I am working on a schedule with the church while Rod works on materials. Watch your email for an announcement.

It is just two and a half months to the Showcase and it is really time to focus on everybody getting engaged and doing their part to get ready. We have really been behind due to the early struggle to get a contract with CPCC.

Steve Stillitano (Raffle Table) has decided to set up TICKET sales discount schedule as follows, $20 for 60 tickets until February 14, $20 for 50 tickets until March 15, and thereafter $20 for 40 tickets.

To make the Raffle more appealing to the general public Steve is trying to increase the number of quality carvings from advanced carvers. So far there are only a few commitments from CCA members but within the club, not much activity. I am sure there are plenty of pieces sitting dust-covered in homes and workshops everywhere. Please help Steve build the Raffle to reach more people. The Raffle is our biggest revenue stream, paying a gib percentage of the Showcase cost.

first respondersNext, Showcase Co-Chairman, Keith Jones, has asked us all to carve for the Show Theme, First Responders. For the second year in a row, a prominent carver and club member has passed away. Peter Ortel was a New York City fireman and First Responder. Bob Warner is helping his wife come to the Showcase and bring some of his carvings. The club is providing a table for Mrs. Ortel and Al & Christy Gaskill have reached out to local First Responder organizations inviting them to attend. LET’S FILL UP THOSE SHOW THEME TABLES.

Vendor registration has been open since December and Carver registration is now open. Club members should get all the low registration numbers and pay their 2023 dues while at it.

Last but not least in Showcase News, Vince Avalos and Bill Robinson have secured for the first time two food trucks and at least one will be there on Friday, Set up day.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: During February, Tuesday Carving will end at 6 p.m. The church has a group meeting after us.

THANK YOU to all 12 members who showed up to clean up and organize the storage room and cabinets. The showcase material is ready to go.

THANK YOU to Rocky Paiano for handling the new T-shirt order. T-shirts will be here for the Showcase and inventory for new members & Showcase sales. Long sleeve T-shirts and patches will be at Tuesday carving, Jan 31.

Finally. on Jan 7, 2023, Betty Negus, Lisa Murphy-Stafford, Gene Merklein, Rich DiFranco, and I traveled to Hickory, NC at the Klingspor store to attend a meeting of the new Pyrography club. I think all had a good experience and plan to return. The store is well stocked. They attend our Showcase and have built a great classroom with 2 Large screen TV,s. The next meeting is February 4, 2023, from 2-4 pm and the first Saturday of every month.

Safe Carving
Bob Gerbe, President
Charlotte Woodcarvers Club