Happy New Year Carvers


It’s a New Year for the world but it’s only Half Time for the Charlotte Woodcarvers Club. I hope we are a great second-half team. We have a lot of work to do and only a short time to get it done. It’s 3 months and 2 weeks to SHOWCASE TIME. Let’s get ready to Rumble.
Unfortunately, we lost Peter Ortel. Fortunately, our Showcase theme is First Responders. So, there will be a special activity to honor Peter and his wife will be there to help. The Club will provide a table to display selected works of Peters and Mrs. Ortel will donate a special carving to the winner of the Lee Dukes award. Bob Warner has been instrumental in setting this up and will travel to transport the carvings to the SHOWCASE.
As always, the Christmas social was a huge success. Bill and Judy Dominick arranged the food and drinks. Neil McGuire was able to get last year's choir to come back for an encore performance. They were great again. Every member of the club went home with a special ornament.

Bill Robinson reports donations for Loaves and Fishes were bigger than ever. We collected 63 pounds of groceries and $160 cash. Thanks for your support.
Sign-up sheets for volunteers for the Showcase have been out every Tuesday and are filling up and will be out every week until April 14th. Please do as much as you can. No position can be empty at showtime. Thanks.
Looking forward to regular business, the next Board meeting is January 10 at 1 pm and the next Showcase meeting is January 17 at 1 pm.
At the last Board meeting it was decided to order the new short sleeve T-shirts on Tuesday, January 10th, there will be order forms available. The long sleeve T-shirts using the Club Patch will be purchased separately, they have become very popular, the shirts are $7 and the patch is $3. We are looking for a sewer to put them on.
In 2022 there were 2 senior communities that formed carving groups in their communities. Most were not really interested in carving with us or working with us on our projects. The Board decided that they should form their own clubs and we would encourage the few who would like to join us to do so. This will be our position moving forward with similar groups that may form and contact us.
Joe Davis spoon lessons are doing well but Joe and his wife have tested positive for Covid and Joe will return on January 10. Get well soon.
We will probably be asked to carve at Matthews Farmers Market once before the Showcase so please be carving some OWLS for the kids in your spare time. Pick up 1x1s on Tuesdays.
Finally, Michele Parsons has formed a Pyrography club that meets at Klingspor in Hickory once a month from 2-4 pm on Saturdays. This month is January 7, 2023. I am planning to check it out and would like some company. If interested give me a call, at 516-317-7193.

Happy New Year
Bob Gerbe, President
Charlotte Woodcarvers Club

PS Almost forgot. There will be a Storage Room Clean Up on Friday January 6,2023 at 10am. Shouldn’t take long. Followed by lunch for those that are hungry.