Hello Carvers

It is now official. CPCC is the site for our Showcase on April 14, 15, and 16 2023. There was a BIG hurdle to overcome. The College raised some requirements, the biggest was an increase in Insurance coverage on the event.
Every day for weeks Keith Jones and Bob Warner headed the effort to satisfy CPCC by working with our Insurance agency and the College to get the coverage that would satisfy the requirements.
The insurance agency talking to the College on our behalf finally put together a package we could afford and satisfied CPCC. Thanks guys and everyone that helped along the way. We now have a contract and the Showcase is on with a little over 5 months to go.
As was mentioned in the last newsletter, volunteers are needed to put on the Showcase and Keith Jones, co-chairman, suggested that committees would greatly help.
At the last Showcase meeting the following committees and leaders were formed:
  1. Advertising-Bob Warner, Neil McGuire and Rod Gatlin
  2. Raffle-Steve Stillitano
  3. Social-Betty Negus
  4. Food Truck-Bill Robinson
  5. Vendors & tables-Bob Gerbe
  6. Check in/Check out Neil McGuire & Rich DiFranco
  7. Runners-Jim Horn
  8. Judging-Rod Gatlin
  9. Education Seminars-Rocky Paiano & Neil Zyp
  10. Competition Carving-Mitch Cartledge
These leaders will be needing help and will be asking volunteers to join their committee. If you would like a particular committee just let them know.
The outdoor carving season is over for this year. At these events, for the first, time we had a signup list for those that wanted a reminder before Showcase 2023. Neil McGuire is handling that chore and reports over 200 verified emails to promote our showcase before the event.
The owls we carve to give out to the children are a great way to get the families attention and over 500 were given out at the 10 events we did at the farmers market, Waxhaw, and Matthews Alive. That is a lot of carving of owls!
If everyone would carve about 5 sticks over the winter in their spare time we would appreciate the help getting ready for next year. That would be 1 stick per month which equals 6 owls per stick. The Club supplies the 1x1 sticks. Please help.
By the way, $810 was received from Matthews Alive.
Jim Horn did a great job with his Carving Class and much praise was received by emails and in person on Tuesdays. Thanks, Jim for sharing your knowledge and talents, we all appreciate your efforts. In a few weeks another class will begin and you should all let us know what you are interested in. Spoons and faces have already been suggested.
As some of you know the carving world lost a great carver and teacher recently when CCA member Peter Ortel passed away. Peter was a member of our club and always attended our Showcase and helped with Judging.
Peter carved a memorial to a 9/11 Fireman that has been at our Showcase. Recently Ray Branch said that since First Responders is our Show theme this coming year that we find some way to honor Peter. If there is any ideas on the matter please let us know.
Finally, the club Christmas celebration will be held on Tuesday, December 6 at 5:30 pm. There will be a change this year in the Door Prize raffle. The club will supply a special Christmas ornament to each member and family that attends. It will not be necessary to bring a wrapped door prize but don’t forget a Donation for Loaves and Fishes and a side dish or dessert to feed the attendees.
Neil McGuire has arranged to bring back the Metrolina Christian Academy Choir to entertain us again. We all loved them so much last year

Happy Thanksgiving
Bob Gerbe, President
Charlotte Woodcarvers Club