Hello Carvers

Summer is winding down but not the temperature and the humidity. And Wild Acres is in the rear view mirror so no relief in sight for who knows how long. But we had great weather while we were there, just one evening shower during happy hour and dinner for the second class according to Bill Robinson. A BIG THANKS is due to Rod Gatlin for arranging this awesome retreat year after year. Great instructors as always. This year we were lucky to have Ron Dowdy and Mitch Cartledge with a variety of projects too numerous to list but I will have projects on hand into next year. Make sure you leave space available in your calendar next August, 2023.

Now for something I hope we don’t have to do next year at Wild Acres and this will also serve as notice to those who don’t know. Bob Warner was unable to attend Wild Acres this year due to the passing of his wife, Pat, the week before. Many of us were blessed to know Pat and a tribute to Pat was offered by all attending the retreat this year. We all offer our condolences to Bob on his loss. God Bless Pat.

Saturday, August 6 was another day for the club to carve and spread the word about Charlotte Woodcarvers Club at the Matthews Farmers Market. 26 new names were added to our new Registration List of shoppers who are interested in carving and attending our 2023 Showcase. Each day we attend the Market we give children about 50 owls carved by our members to get their attention. The wood is supplied by the Club and the carving by our members. We have 7 days scheduled this fall and will need about 500 owls for those events at Matthews Alive, Waxhaw festival, and Matthews Farmers Market. Sounds like a lot but it amounts to only about 5 owls each if everyone will pitch in with one 12 inch 1x1 each week. Thanks in advance for pitching in. Next 2 Market dates: Sept 17 and Oct 22.

Our next event is this coming this weekend, Labor Day Weekend at Matthews Alive. Friday at 9am is table setup for about an hour. Saturday Sunday, and Monday are full days. Some members will attend all 4 days full time. Some can do part time 4-5 hrs. every day and some 1 or 2 days. What ever you can do we appreciate it. Every hour allows someone a chance to take a break. Again Thanks in advance for pitching in. Neil McGuire is in charge and has a signup sheet, please give him a call. Neil has directions. Remember Matthews shares their profits with us and other non-profits. Last share was $700 which pays for Summer Celebration and Holiday Celebration in December.

Bob Gerbe, President
Charlotte Woodcarvers Club