It's Patriotic Month

Well, it’s July, and I’m writing my second message for the newsletter, and I’m late again. Maybe I’ll do better next month. Maybe not. We have already celebrated Independence Day and tried to blow up Charlotte. So I’m sure everyone with a pet is glad that’s over.
Now down to business. Our books for the April Showcase are now closed. Our return from Covid was a success, and we stayed within the budget. A big thank you to Lisa and the show committee for doing a great job. We also have a new budget worked out for the next showcase and the 2022/23 club budget.
The carving world has lost a couple of major shows that did not come back after Covid. The main factor for closing the shows seems to be the lack of volunteers to do the work it takes to run the show. We have decided to keep our Showcase of Woodcarvings going for 2023, The committee is already meeting and in about 10 months we do it again. We do not want to become another show that closes its doors.
The committee needs help to keep the show going into the future The most of running the show is also a concern we are battling. We would like to keep the club’s mission to be free to the public. We are searching for a new location, large enough (10,000-12,000 sq. feet). If you are aware of a possible venue, please let us know.
Every committee on the show committee needs a co-leader to help during the next 10 months. Many volunteers are needed to do the job we want to do. Please consider helping a committee member if they ask for your help. We work all year to make our show known to the public at places like Matthews Farmers Market, What Festival, and Matthews Alive. Please come out to carve at these events and talk abut our club. We have dun doing it.
Next event: Matthews Farmers Market July 16, 8am to noon.

Bob Gerbe
Charlotte Woodcarvers Club