Hello Carvers

At this time last year I was getting used to being a full time resident of the Charlotte area, and enjoying dedicating Tuesday to nothing but carving. I wasn't sure if the next showcase was going to happen, and, if it did, I would take over for Bob Slaughter to handle the vendors and setup for the show. Then there was the summer celebration and Neil McGuire said we need help on the board and Vice President. After discussing this with Neil, I volunteered, and then I was V.P.
A few months later Neil announced that he would not run for president for the next year and nominated me. So here I am writing the president's Message for the Newsletter, and I am late for my first message!
To take the easy way out I thought since many of you don't know much about me, I would do a short bio of myself so you'll know something about me. I hope more of you will show up on Tuesday's so we can meet in person and I can learn about you. Please wear your name tag, it will help us all.
I was born and raised on Long Island, NY in 1944. Graduated high school in 1962 and tried Ithaca College for a little while, but left that no credits.
In 1964 I went to work for the NY Telephone Company, now Verizon, until 1991 when I was replaced by a computer after 27 years. I then found something I really like and still hold a regional Vice President position and help run an office on Long Island. Before Covid, we moved to Waxhaw full time to the house we bought in 2010. My daughter lives in Waxhaw with her 3 children. My son lives on Long Island with 2 kids. We have seen all the kids grow up.
My goal is to retain the high standard for the Charlotte Woodcarvers Club set by all the presidents over the last 40 years.

Happy Carving
Bob Gerbe, president
Charlotte Woodcarvers Club