April Sanity

Well, the 39th Annual Showcase of Woodcarvings is over, and everyone I spoke to said it was a success.
We had 125 carvers submit 1073 carvings for the show, and they were beautiful! Vic Hood from the Lepers Creek Woodcarvers Club (middle Tennessee) won Best of Show this year. A big congratulations for his “Lady under the Moon” carving. It was beautiful. Robert Zenoble took the runner-up with his Indian bust. (I am glad I didn’t have to make the call between those two.)
After the excitement of the show, we are back to our weekly carving routine at the Cathcart Center, Carmel Presbyterian Church.
ATTENTION NEW MEMBERS: the beginning carving classes will begin Tuesday, April 12 at 10am and 2pm. There will be 5 lessons on knife care and sharpening, carving an owl, carving a comfort bird, carving a Moravian star, and finally, carving a little dog.
The balance of the newsletter will be photos from the show. Follow this link for the April newsletter.
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