Fabulous February

Since we've had three (3) snowstorms in January, maybe our winter weather is over, hopefully. Welcome February with Valentine’s Day and President’s Day. Other than the usual Tuesday carving, that is all that is happening this month.
Club election were held in January. Congratulations to:
  • President: Bob Gerbe
  • Vice President: Bill Robinson
  • Secretary: Tom Bowling
  • Treasurer: Rich DiFranco
  • 3 year Board Member: Steve Stillitano
  • 2 year Board Member: Rocky Paiano
  • 1 year Board Member: Wahoo McDaniel

Remarkably, our club continues to grow even in these Covid days. Four (4) folks have joined this past month! Patti Vitale, Mark and Margaret Stratton, and Raul Galvin joined in January. When you see them on Tuesdays be sure to give them a hardy welcome.
The 39th Annual Showcase of Woodcarvings is 2 months away. Hopefully you are finishing your entries. Just a reminder, you can enter up to five (5) carvings in a category carved since 2019 (3 years). These are rule changes due to covid and apply to this year only.
As before, workers are needed. Please sign up to help if you haven’t already.
They say I’m old-fashioned, and live in the past, but sometimes I think progress progresses too fast!
Dr. Seuss

Inventive Carving
Neil McGuire
Charlotte Woodcarvers Club