Happy Dog Days of Summer

Summer is peaking, and carvers are taking vacations. While attendance is down a little, the old guard is returning. Who knows, we may be looking at you next Tuesday for the first time in a long time.
I asked at the picnic, and Bob Gerbe responded to the call. I am pleased to announce that he has joined our board of directors as the Vice President. I have given him the responsibility of arranging experts to come and teach their specialty. He is working on getting Tom Gow to come and teach Cottonwood Bark Carving again. Tom was with us in 2019 at the Wild Acres event. Hopefully Bob can schedule a weekend something this fall.
August 7th will find us at the Matthews Farmers Market for the second time this year. This continues to be an opportunity to share our hobby and art, and recruit new members.
August 23-29 is our annual Wild Acres Retreat. I am looking forward to attending the first half with Jim Hiser. Right now the class is full, but talk to Rod Gatlin if you would like to get on his waiting list. (Maybe we need a second week to fit everyone in.)
While members are paying their dues, we still have those who haven’t paid their 2021 club dues. If you are one of these, please mail or bring it to the club at your earliest convenience. At $15.00 per year, membership is a bargain.
I mowed the front lawn yesterday.
I mowed the back yard today.
My knees are still aching,
Sunburn's in the making,
And my back is beginning to sway.
Judy Ball

Dauntless Carving
Neil McGuire, president
Charlotte Woodcarvers Club