Happy Vernal Equinox

I hope this finds you well and enjoying the blessings of life.
Well, it is my honor to fill Marcy’s shoes as president. I have carved with her for several years, and served on the board for one and a half. As you know, she is very personable, and interesting to talk to. We will miss you Marcy, but wish you the best retirement ever. I know I have been enjoying mine for seven (7) years.
So you might ask, who is this Neil McGuire? I worked in the Christian school movement for 38 years as a teacher, principal, and then a book salesman. After retirement I took the time to get involved in wood craft. I joined the club in 2016, and have enjoyed carving and fellowshipping with you carvers. What a diverse and interesting group we are.
When Maria Shenkel resigned as webmaster I volunteered to take over (I was a web designer as a side gig for several years.) A year ago I agreed to be a board member, then when Henry gave notice that he would not continue as treasurer I thought I could do the job. After writing a few checks and making deposits, Marcy gave me the news of her impending departure and asked if I would step up to the president’s position.
So with the approval of the club, I became president in August, and Rich DiFranco took the checkbook. I appreciate the trust you have placed In me, and will do my best to serve you.
We have had all shows and farmer’s markets cancel on us, so the only calendar item left in 2020 is the Christmas program. I hope that will not be cancelled as well.
We are working on a plan for the 2021 Showcase of Woodcarvings, so it will hopefully be a great success. With so many shows cancelled I am sure you and many carvers will be eager to get together to see what we all have been doing.

Neil McGuire, President
Charlotte Woodcarvers Club