Now that the 2018 Showcase is over we can pat ourselves on our backs for a very successful show. Thank you to Bob Benston for being our 2018 Show Chairman and for a very successful show. We also thank all club members for their outstanding support of the club and to our Showcase.
We continued to rent out all show tables this year as we started this last year. This again was a big relief on Sunday as we closed down the show and was able to get home in time for Sunday supper.
Attendance for the show was around 2000 this year. We had 127 registered carvers with a total of 690 carvings for competition. In the Novice Division there were 21 carvers and 103 carvings. In the Intermediate Division there were 49 carvers and 304 carvings. In the Open Division there were 57 carvers and 283 carvings. We were also represented by 12 states and 21 different carving clubs.
Bubba Mullis took on the JC Campbell raffle again this year and collected $1025 for this year’s sales. We congratulate Diane Bagwell as the winner for a week long class at the John C. Campbell School. Thank you Bubba for another successful year towards the JC Campbell raffle sales.
This year the club had 107 items in the raffle. We were actually running out of space to display all items that were donated. Thanks to all those that contributed to our raffle as we collected $2995 in our table raffle sales. This brings our total raffle and silent auction sales to $4020.
Thanks to all the carving clubs and individual carvers for their support to our 2018 Showcase of Woodcarvings.
We would also like to recognize the seven (7) CCA members who attended our show this year; Mitch Cartledge, Dennis Thornton, Ron Dowdy, Tom Wolf, Desiree Hajny, Steve Brown and Jim Hiser. It’s an honor to have this many CCA members attend our show and we welcome all of you back to our 2019 Showcase of Woodcarvings.